Welcome to Stanford Financial Services (SFS)
“What happens with Stanford, stays with Stanford!”

SFS is a national purchaser of:

    • Privately Held Mortgages / Trust Deeds
    • Factoring Contracts
    • Annuities
    • Lottery Winnings
    • Structured Court Settlements
    • various Types of Future Incomes

Notes we Purchase

    • Condo’s
    • Vacant Land
    • Single Family Residence
    • Duplexes/Tri-Plexes
    • Mobile Homes with Land
    • Commercial Properties

Sell us Your Future Income for FAST CASH Today

If you need FAST CASH today, you can sell us your Real Estate Notes (Mortgages), Business Notes, or Future Incomes from various sources. You don’t need to sell the entire note. We can buy a Partial part of your note too. Just give us a call!

Get Cash Now, for ANY REASON

If you are receiving payments and would prefer to have a Lump Sum of CA$H now, please call us today at (615) 530-1046 or TOLL-FREE at 800-988-3140 to obtain a free, no-obligation evaluation of your note or payment stream.

If you prefer, you may also submit a confidential Online Quote Request.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you FREE UP the cash you want or need now.

We Offer Two Purchase Options

Full Purchase and Partial Purchase Options are available. You have the choice of selling us your entire note or just selling us a predetermined amount of your future payments.

We refer to this as our Partial Purchase option and is especially appealing to individuals who only need some money now and who would like the note to come back to them in the future. Contact us today for details on how this program works.

In this 21st Century, the Internet has enabled most of the note purchase transactions to be made over the phone, utilizing emails, and faxes too, making it practical and efficient to perform business nationally without the need for expensive travel or overhead. This has greatly reduced the time for processing and customer payments, saving all parties concerned considerable time.

Bob Maverick Stanford  “CCFC” (Certified Cash Flow Consultant)